I finally have this complete set  almost
complete, we are only missing the
octagon boxes, but we have the round
ones and heart ones.  Start working on
your Sweet Tots now and you could have
them done by Christmas.  I especially love
the fences and the tiny birds
D1143 Lg Poinsettia Bowl 12"W
Bisque $ 20.40
D1144 Set of two Poinsettia
Candle Holders 5"W
Bisque $ 8.70
Ceramics In Michigan
D1130-DD  Boy with
Hobby Horse 7" Tall
Bisque $8.40
Finished $ 16.80
Sweet Tots
D1705 Sitting Poinsettia  
Sweet Tot with Pots
Bisque $11.70
D1704 Poinsettia
Sweet Tot In Pot
Bisque $10.80
D1707 Poinsettia Sweet
Tot Sitting on Pot
Bisque $13.20
D1706 Poinsettia Sweet
Tot Standing
Bisque $9.30
D767 Garden Fence Section ( 2 sections shown)  8" long  Bisque $6.30
D804 Round Band Box Ornaments 3/4 "H set of 3 Bisque $ 6.00
D814 -E  Girl with Snowball 7"H  Bisque $ 9.30
D815 Girl Waving 6"H Bisque $9.30
D816-E   Boy with bird 7"H Bisque $9.30
D817 -E   Boy Sitting 6"H Bisque $9.30
D818 Double Christmas Tree ( 2 shown) 9"H Bisque $ 12.90
D819 Bird Feeder and Fence Section (2 sections shown) 5"H Bisque $9.30
D820 Baby Cardinals or Blue Jays (Set of 8)  1"H    Bisque $5.40
D1133-DD  Sweet Tots
Fireplace with Christmas
Tree 11" H   Bisque $14.70
D761 Boy with ball Cap
8" Tall   Bisque $8.40
Finished $16.80  Base and
Fence sold seperately
D760-B  Sweet Tot girl with
jumprope (rope sold
serperately  Bisque $8.40
Finished $16.80
D1129--DD  Girl
w/Kitten 7" Tall
Bisque $8.40
Finished $16.80
D1131-DD  Girl
w/Package 6" Tall
Bisque $8.40
Finished $16.80
D1697 LG Sweet Tot Angel
Hands Together
Bisque $
Halloween Sweet Tots
Pumpkin Patch Sweet Tots
D928 Boy Angel Sitting
Bisque $11.16
D929 Pixie Sitting 7"H
Bisque $9.30
D1885 Boy with Rake
Bisque $9.90
D1128-DD  Boy with
6"H  Bisque $8.40
Finished $16.80
toys and puppy not
D1987 Bee Baby 5.25"H
Bisque $12.30
D1957 A&B Sleeping Lady
Bug   7"L   Bisque $12.30
D731 Sweet Tot Bunny Sitting
D730 Sweet Tott Bunny
Bisque $9.30
D729 Cuddling Sweet Tot
Bisque $9.30
D985 Sweet Tot Ballerina
Laying     Bisque $9.30
D984 Sweet Tot Sitting
Bisque $9.30
D882 Pixie Standing 9"H
Bisque $9.30
D881 Pixie Sitting Legs
Crossed  6.5"H
D879 Pixie Sleeping 7.5"L
Bisque $9.30
D1428 Sunflower Tot Wavin
6.5"H  Bisque $9.30
D762 Sweet Tot Girl w/Book
Bisque $8.40
D906-C Kitten with Corn Shock(A&B) Bisque $13.32
D911-C  Halloween 3 Kittens 3"H Bisque $9.36
D903-AA Sm Pumpkin Acc. 1.5" H Bisque $6.48
D898-C  8 Crows 1.5"H Bisque $9.00
D904-C,E  Brick and Rail Fence One Section  Bisque $10.44
D907 Sweet Tot Scarecrow Boy Bisque $11.16
D908-E Sweet Tot Witch Girl 9"H Bisque $11.16
D909-C Sweet Tot Ghost Girl 7 3/4"H Bisque $11.16
D910-E Sweet Tot Pumpkin Boy Costume 7.5"H Bisque $11.16
This scene uses 4 fence sections
Witch with Broom
7"H  Bisque $9.30
D1019 Pumpkins In Wagon 7"H Bisque $ 8.10
D1020 Pumpkins for Sale 5"H  Bisque $8.10
D820 Baby Birds Set of 8   1"H Bisque $5.40
D904-C,E  Brick and Rail Fence One Section  Bisque $8.70
D1016 Girl Hugging Pumpkin  Bisque $9.30
D1017-C  Boy with Pumpkin  Bisque $9.30
D1018 Kissing Sweet Tots with pumpkin  Bisque $12.90
D1022 Mini Pumpkin Noggins (4)  Bisque $5.10
D1948 Daffodill on Knees
Bisque $ 13.20
D1654 Mini Sunflower with
hands down   3"H  
Bisque $5.10
Set of 4  Bisque $8.70
This scene uses two fence